Israel shoulder patch - Border Police - Green

Roy Stammwitz collection


Israel shoulder patch - Border Police - Grey

Roy Stammwitz collection

israel_01 Warning - this patch is not Israel Customs
In hebrew Ha Sherut Ha Mekes, it is from the mishmar Ha Gavul, the Israeli Border Police - Grey version II
Israel Warning - this patch is not Israel Customs
Israeli Police - this is supposed to be the official patch of the Israeli National Police.

Israel Customs K9 - version I

Roy Stammwitz collection



Israel Customs K9 - version II

Georg Gruber / Roy Stammwitz collection



Israel Customs K9

Georg Gruber collection

IL 001 Israeli Tax  Customs Service Breast Badge

Israel Customs breast badge
Roy Stammwitz collection 

israel customs walletNew addition

Israel Customs Wallet Badge - Tanel Orro collection

IL 002 Israeli Tax  Customs Service Hat Badge

Israel Tax / Customs Hat Badge
Roy Stammwitz collection 

Previously I had received advice that Israel Customs does not have insignia, yet, recently I have received images of Israeli Customs K9 section. I can no longer verify the information previously received from Israeli Custom that their uniform lack insignia.