MX_001_Shoulder_Patch_Customs_Inspection Shoulder patch Customs inspection
MX_002_Customs_Commander_Northwest_District Customs commander Northwest district
MX_003_Shoulder_Patch_District_Cabo Shoulder patch Cabo district
MX_004_Shoulder_Patch_District_Juarez Shoulder patch Juarez district
MX_005_Shoulder_Patch_Federal_Finance_Police_gold_Border Shoulder patch Federal Finance Police gold border

Shoulder patch Federal Finance Police brown border

Mexico Mexico Customs
Current issue insignia

Mexico Customs

Georg Gruber collection

mexico_02 Mexican Customs
This patch was worn by officers of the Aduana, the Mexican Customs Agency. The patch is obsolete as is the whole agency, which now calls itself the Policia Fiscal, or the "Fiscal Police."
mexico Mexican Customs - Juarez District
Any further information on this or any other Mexican Customs insignia would be most gratefully appreciated.
mexico_03 Mexican Customs - Variation patch ( Celador ).
Image  courtesy Ebay.
cabo_patch Mexican Customs - Variation patch (cabo ).
fiscal Mexican Customs
This is supposedly the new Mexican Customs Service badge, as the name has been changed from Mexican Customs to Fiscal Police.
resguardo1a Mexico Customs - Old style customs badge
Image courtesy of eBay
mexico_fiscal_police Mexican Customs cap badge- Fiscal Police
policiafiscalbadge Mexican Customs breast badge- Fiscal Police
ppfcrest Mexican Customs crest Policia Fiscal Federal
mexico_import_specialist Mexican Customs-badge written "vista" ( Import Specialist ).
resguardoaduanalbadge_000 Mexican customs variation: badge written "resguardo"
celadoraduanalbadge_000 Mexican customs variation: badge written celador.

Mexico customs, badge written "resguardo"

SHCP: la secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico ( Ministry of finance ).

celadorbadge_000 Mexico customs,varation badge written " célador"
resguardomexicobadge_000 Mexico customs, variation badge written "resguardo".