sing_01 Singapore Customs Patch
It is interesting to see part of the legacy of the British present in the Singaporean insignia with the Portcullis. This is a legacy item now.
sing_02 Singapore Customs Collar Insignia
This is the Singaporean Customs collar insignia, shown almost approximate size (in thumbnail image) hen blown up it is approximately 50% larger than normal size.

Singapore Customs Hat Patch

Kutasi Csaba collection - current edition

SG_001_Shoulder_Patch_current_Style Singapore Customs - Hat patch variation - Roy Stammwitz collection


ICA hat_badge Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) - Bullion hat bagde
The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority was formed in 2003 with the merger of Singapore Immigration and Registration (SIR) and the enforcement section of the Customs and Excise Department (CED) at all checkpoints. The ICA logo includes the portcullis taken from the CED. CED was renamed Singapore Customs 
ICA patch The ICA patch is worn on the long sleeve uniform of the Singapore ICA.
SC in_action Personnel from Singapore Customs, from an undated media clipping, showing the Singapore Customs logo.