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HM Revenue & Customs

Foreign and Commonwealth Liaison Officer

ukcustomssports United Kingdom Customs and Excise Sports Club 1903 - Gavin Salter collection
UK HEATHROW_INVEST UK Customs and Excise Heathrow Investigation - Gavin Salter collection
UK HEATHROW_INTEL UK Customs and Excise, Intelligence Division London Airports - Gavin Salter collection
UK 001 Shoulder Patch current Style UK Customs & Excise 
UK 002 Shoulder Patch from Overall UK Customs & Excise, as worn on overalls
UK 003 Customs  Excise Shoulder Loops UK Customs & Excise Shoulder Loops 
UK 004 Text Breast Patch current Style HM Customs & Excise, text breast patch
UK 005 Marine Customs Service Overall Patch very old UK Marine Customs Service, overall patch, very old
UK 006 Hat Patch Bullion - Type I UK Hat Patch Bullion - type I
UK 007 Hat Patch Bullion  Type II UK Hat Patch Bullion - type II 
UK 008 Hat Patch Bullion - Type III UK Hat Patch Bullion - type III
UK 009 Hat Patch Bullion - Type IV UK Hat Patch Bullion - type IV
hmce HM Customs & Excise
Worn on the jumpers and overalls in the United Kingdom of Great Britain
hmce_rank HM Customs & Excise
Rank Insignia bullion thread
hmce_brief Wallet Brief of the HM Customs & Excise Department
UK_Brief_photo United Kingdom Wallet brief
UK_Customs Variation on above badge

UK Border Agency, successor to HM Customs & Excise

Image courtesy Manuel Rykembeusch

UKBAbadge01 United Kingdom Border Agency badge
UKBAbadgeNew United Kingdom Border Agency badge - angled for better view

HM Customs & Excise National Investigation Service - close up of Brief.

Martin from Slovakia collection


HM Customs & Excise National Investigation Service - Brief as seen in wallet

Martin from Slovakia collection

uk_portcullis HM Customs Portcullis Hat Badge

HM Customs & Excise peaked cap - formerly worn by a CPO (Chief Preventive Officer) - which became a redundant grade.

Image and information courtesy of Howard Clark


HM Customs Preventive Service, Kings crown badge
Image courtesy eBay 

HMC Wall plaque badge