hkcs_01 Hong Kong Customs Patch.
From what I understand, to be able to get any sort of patch out of Hong Kong Customs is quite hard, so I believe Jim has done very well to obtain one. Thanks for allowing me to share this patch with other collectors.
As a result of the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese authorities, Hong Kong Customs & Excise now has a new insignia.

Hong Kong Customs - wall hanging

Roy Stammwitz collection


Hong Kong breast patch - pre 1997 handover - verion I

Roy Stammwitz collection


Hong Kong breast patch - pre 1997 handover - verion II

Dieter Wurche collection


Hong Kong breast patch - pre 1997 handover - verion III

Dieter Wurche collection


Hong Kong Customs Shooting Club

Social club patch. I know that this is not the best scan of this patch, but it was the best I could do. If anyone has one of these and can provide a better scan, please send me a copy via email. The wording in the main design says "Customs" on the top half and "Hong Kong" in the lower half of the insignia.

hkcs_1997 A new discovery for Hong Kong Customs, with an inscription of 1997, most likely related to the handover of the Island colony in 1997
Hong Kong Hong Kong Customs & Excise - Special Administrative Region
The title says it all - this is the new Hong Kong Customs & Excise insignia. This particular item is worn on the hat. There is a slot at the top edge of the sweat band (in the middle of the hat) for the badge. When inserted, the hat badge angles downwards because the clip extends away from it where the clip connects to the badge

Hong Kong Customs

Georg Gruber collection

hkcs_unknown The details of this particular insignia item are - Hong Kong Customs Sports and Entertainment Club. Many thanks to Clarence Lui for this information!
hkcustoms Hong Kong Customs
Pre handover to China, this was the old style badge used by their Customs - this image is from a wall plaque.
OHKcustoms Old style Hong Kong Customs hat badge - image found on eBay.
post_1997rank The full list of current rank insignia of the Hong Kong Customs Service.