kyrgyzstan_01 Kutasi Csaba collection - current issue insignia. Ceremonial uniform have same insignia, only embroidered. The main design element / symbol of the Customs seal is known as "wind rose"
KGZ_001_Shoulder_Patch_weaved_Style Variation of above patch - image courtesy Roy Stammwitz collection
kyrgyzstan_rank Kutasi Csaba collection - Shoulder boards belong to first uniform that came into use after collapse of Soviet Union. Corresponding rank shown is Lieutenant of Customs Service.
Kyrgyz cap.badgeNew addition

Kyrgyzstan Customs hat badge - Tanel Orro collection

Kyrgyz captainNew addition Kyrgyzstan Captain rank insignia - Tanel Orro collection
Kyrgyz Lieutenant colonelNew addition Kyrgyzstan Lieutenant Colonel rank - Tanel Orro collection
Kyrgyz first.insigniasNew addition Kyrgyzstan insignia - Tanel Orro collection