AD 001 Shoulder Patch hand embroidered

Hand embroidered shoulder patch

Roy Stammwitz collection

AD 002 Plastic Patch small Version

Plastic version shoulder patch

Roy Stammwitz collection

AD 003 Shoulder Patch current Style round Version

Shoulder patch current style, round version

Roy Stammwitz collection

AD 004 Shoulder Patch old Style Plastic Patch

Shoulder patch, old style

Roy Stammwitz collection

andora numbered


Csaba Kutasi collection

AD 005 Text Breast Patch plastic

Text breast patch, plastic

Roy Stammwitz collection


Andorra Customs Insignia

Andorra is a tiny principality within the southern borders of France, Southeast of Lourdes and North of Barcelona, Spain.


Andorra Bullion Customs Insignia

Andorra Customs Patch (Old Style) Bullion thread

Roland Briand collection

andora02 Andorra Customs Badge
andorra fob

Andorra Customs Badge

Martin from Slovakia collection