ARG 001 Direccion General de Aduana s Republica Argentina TYP V01

Direction General de Aduana

Roy Stammwitz collection 

argentina 01 Image courtesy of eBay 
 argentina customs

 The details about the badge are as follows:
Argentina Police Customs Badge circa 1930's.
Issued to the personal of the police in charge of the Customs.
Inscribed 'Direccion General de Aduanas' and 'Policia Aduanera' number 437.
Silvered bronze. Randy House Collection

argentina 02 Georg Gruber collection
AR 001 Shoulder Patch Aduana current Style Georg Gruber / Roy Stammwitz collectio
AR 002 Wather Customs Service Heardquarters

Argentina Customs Water branch headquarters

Roy Stammwitz collection