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FI_005_Hat_Patch_old_Style Finnish Customs cap patch (old style ).
FI_007_Text_Patch_old_Style_to_FI_005 Finnish Customs breast patch

Finnish Customs shoulder patch ( old style with the caduceus of Hermes, symbol of the customs in much of country of the north of Europe). The patch goes on the left sleeve in top of the shoulder.

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Finnish Customs breast patch, current style

Roy Stammwitz collection


Shoulder patch, current style, right side

Roy Stammwitz collection


Shoulder patch, current style, left side

Roy Stammwitz collection


Finnish Customs shoulder patch ( current style with ECC stars ). The patch goes on the left sleeve in top of the shoulder.

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Finland Customs K9

Georg Gruber collection

fin cust

Finnish Customs hat badge, circa 1911 - 1917. During this time, Finalnd was a Russian protectorate, thus the Customs officials were part of the Russian Empire at the time, until Finnish independence in 1917. It was only for Russian officers who served in Finland.

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Finland Customs

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Finland cap.badges  
Finland cap.badges 2  

Finnish Customs cap badge ( up the above Finnish Customs cap patch ).

The lion is animal-symbol in Finland, it holds up a Western sword and presses an Eastern sabre with the feet, historical Finnish symbol of the old meet between West and East in Karelia.

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