Canada - Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal

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The Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal, created on June 22, 2004, recognizes peace officers who have served in an exemplary manner, characterized by good conduct, industry and efficiency.

Recipients must have completed 20 years of exemplary service with one or more provincial or federal organizations that employs peace officers and which eligibility has been approved by the Advisory Committee.

The Peace Officer Exemplary Service Medal consists of a circular medal, with a shield set on a star on a maple leaf.

  • The words "Exemplary Service — Services distingués" form a circle around the maple leaf. On the back of the medal appears Her Majesty's Cipher.
  • A bar may be awarded for every subsequent period of 10 years of qualifying service.
  • The Medal is suspended by a ribbon featuring a band of dark blue at the outer edge, flanked by a narrower band of light blue and then a band of gold with a single wide band of green at the centre.
The above information was sourced from the Canadian Governor General website, thanks to James Delong for forwarding the information!