Counterfeit insignia Country  Genuine insignia
afghanistan thaylander


Apparent differences in colours (Green) and width for embroidered text

Afghan Customs Department current style 
albania thaylander


Colour variations, including lack of detail for the central falcon

AL 001 Shoulder Patch current Style very rar 
algeria 2 thaylander


Colour variation, altered text width, reduced detail to central image

DZ 002 Shoulder Patch current Style 
algeria old thaylander


Again, colour variations, differences to text

DZ 004 Shoulder Patch Train Controll Unit 
angola thaylander


Whilst I don't have a geniune copy of the patch reproduced to the left, the insignia to the right is an example of the genuine item. 

AO 001 Federal Finance Police Marine Service 
anguilla thaylander


Image to the right sourced from the Anguilla Customs website

anguilla website
antigua barbuda thaylander


No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

argentina thaylander Argentina AR 001 Shoulder Patch Aduana current Style
aruba thaylander


No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

AW 002 Customs Service current Style Color sand
ascension island thaylander

Ascension Island

No corresponding genuine image recorded on the website for this country

austria thaylander


Variation to colour, text style, detail.

AT 020 Federal Finance Ministery Customs Service 
austria 2 thaylander Austria  austria-11 
austria 3 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left, I have seen a badge however.

austria 4 thaylander


Different font, change of colours, lack of detail to central motif.

AT 014 Special Group Zollwache 
austria k9 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left

AT 011 Dog Handler worn from 1998-2000
bangladesh thaylander


Colour variations, map outline variations

barbados police customs thaylander


Changed colours, lack of fine detail

BB 002 Shoulder Patch old Style 
barbados thaylander


Colour variations, reduced quality and detail in reproduction

 BB 001 Shoulder Patch current style
belgium thaylander


Spelling and position variation detail changes

BE 001 Shooting Instructor Belgium Customs
belgium k9 thaylander


I have not previously seen a patch of the one presented at left

belgium k9 2 thaylander


Colour variations

 BE 002 Detector Dog Unit Belgium Customs
belize thaylander Belize BZ 001 Belize Customs  Excise current Style
bermuda thaylander Bermuda BM 001 Shoulder Patch embroidered Version
bhutan thaylander


Quality and detail missing from reproduction at left.

bosnia thaylander Bosnia  
brasil thaylander  Brasil  
cape verde thaylander Cape Verde  
cayman thayander Cayman Islands   
central african republic thaylander Central African Republic  
chile thaylander Chile  
costa rica thaylander Costa Rica   
Cote dIvoire thaylander Coted'Ivoire  
croatia thaylander Croatia   
czech k9 thaylander Czech   
djibouti thaylander Djiboouti  
ecuador thaylander Ecuador  
equatoria guinea thaylander Equatorial Guinea  
faroe island thaylander Faroe Island  
finland thaylander Finland  
france academy la rochelle thaylander France  
france asnd old thaylander France  
france asnd thaylander France  
france bomb squad thaylander France  
france coastguard thaylander France  
france la rochelle thaylander France  
france lesquin thaylander France  
france old thaylander France  
france section de tir thaylander France  
france services techniques thaylander France  
france thionville thaylander France  
french guyana thaylander French Guyana  
germany bomb squad thaylander Germany  
germany frankfurt old thaylander Germany  
germany freiburg thaylander Germany  
germany ger thaylander Germany  
germany k9 old thaylander Germany  
germany k9 police narcotics thaylander Germany  
germany mkg kiel thaylander Germany  
germany mkg thaylander Germany  
germany oez thaylander Germany  
germany selb thaylander Germany  
ghana thaylander Ghana  
guernsey thaylander Guernsey  
iceland thaylander Iceland  
india thaylander India  
indonesia thaylander Indonesia  
iran thaylander Iran  
iraq thaylander Iraq  
italy customs bomb squad thaylander Italy  
italy k9 thaylander Italy  
jamaica thaylander Jamaica  
kenya thaylander Kenya  
kiribati thaylander Kiribati  
kosovo thaylander Kosovo  
lebanon thaylander Lebanon  
liberia thaylander Liberia  
luxembourg thaylander Luxembourg  
madagascar thaylander Madagascar  
maldives thaylander Maldives  
mauritius thaylander Mauritius  
micronesia thaylander Micronesia  
myanmar thaylander Myanmar  
new zealand thaylander New Zealand  
niger 2 thaylander Niger  
niger thaylander Niger  
norway thaylander Norway  
palau thaylander Palau  
panama 2 thaylander Panama  
panama thaylander Panama  
papua new guinea thaylander Papua New Guinea  
paraguay thaylander Paraguay  
philippines davao thaylander Philippines  
philippines water patrol thanylander Philippines  
poland anti narcotics thaylander Poland  
qatar thaylander Qatar  
reunion thaylander Reunion  
romania thaylander Romania  
senegal thaylander Senegal  
serbia customs thaylander Serbia  
seychelles k9 thaylander Seychelles  
seychelles thaylander Seychelles  
south korea k9 thaylander South Korea  
south korea thaylander South Korea  
st martin thaylander St Martin  
st vincent grenadines thaylander St Vincent and The Grenadines  
sudan thaylander Sudan  
tanzania thaylander Tanzania  
turkey thaylander Turkey  
tuvalu thaylander Tuvalu  
uae dubai thaylander United Arab Emirates  
uruguay thaylander Uruguay  
wallis futuna thaylander Wallis and Futuna  
zimbabwe thaylander Zimbabwe