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They are worn on the shirt and jackets of Inspectors at the airports. Old style - new style in issue since 2001. This badge I think was used from the 70’s to about 1995. There is now a new design on the same shaped badge due to the fact that Customs became Customs and Tax. There is no longer rank in Danish Customs so there are not different types of badges

Denmark Customs - Current issue badge

John Berg collection


Hat patch, current style

Roy Stammwitz collection


Denmark Customs Police / Customs combined Drug Unit patch

Hinrich Schulz collection


Shoulder patch, current style

Roy Stammwitz collection


Denmark Customs Cloth Insignia

Michael Bahls collection


Denmark Customs insignia

Georg Gruber collection


Denmark Customs Canine unit patch, used at airports and border crossings.

Hinrich Schulz collection

Denmark old different ranks  
Danish Customs Current shoulder patchNew Danish Customs Current insignia